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Interesting. But sometimes it rapes my ears. 3/5

So ...

That melody is fine. But i did not like that drums ... like that "still clapping sound" doesn't fix in. 2/5 3/10

Sincerely, Anto%u0161ík.

DeatHTaX responds:

I disagree. With the depth of the music i feel the snare reverb is quite appropriate. And i am a bit offended you based the score you gave my song off of your personal preferences. I'm pretty sure if i went and gave Tarboy a 0 and said "cuz i didn't like it" it would be quite soundly rated as useless....just a tip for the future.



Sojuz n%u011Bru%u0161imyj respublik svobodnych
Splotila nav%u011Bki Velikaja Rus.

Yes, you hit that melody. And thats all.

DjKaz responds:

When you write a review arnt you supposed to supply constructive criticism? I didnt want to change it from the original sound too much, because I like the original melody.


So , my opinion: that beggining with only drums ... was carppy. Its good just for a few secs, and thenn should be melody. Around first minute it started being interesting. But simple. I'd like to see something more added, like more bass, choirs, idk just anything. To make it more awesome.

Sincerely, anto%u0161ík. 3/5

NikolaosTheDark responds:

I agree with the beginning. When a project gets rolling, I can achieve near-perfect status with the main portion of a song...yet the beginning and end often turn out to be the hardest parts of the song. I'll keep that in mind.

And the bass is rather undermined due to the sidechaining I had to put on it. I don't think there's much, but I'll see what I can do.

Newgrounds needs more critics such as yourself. All I ever see is "HERP DERP OH EM GEE DIS SNOG IS AMAZIN FO SHIZZLE MASTER RIZZLE 10!" I appreciate it.


I dont know how, but i hear the voices as from somewhere else than my headset ... amazing. Otherwise quite boring ...

shaggyhaired responds:

Gimme some feedback, dude.


I Quite like ite, but some side melodies would not be bad. This could be refren- add some more with other melodies, but this is awesome and nearly perfect :) 9/10 5/5

Chimy727 responds:

i agree
thanks for the review!


I also think that for a forest it should be a little slower ... YOu know, exploring ist dangerous .. you could be scared ... fast music dont fit it much, just slow it a little :)


Horible beggining, i thought ill just give a 0 and go to another, but after that it is ok. Except little crazy. Now its just inconsistent.


Nice :) maybe you should make it a song. Like adding text.
But the one tune - still playing since beggining begins annoying after a while.

VGstudiosTeam responds:

Yeah, I didn't realize it had kept going... I meant to fade that in towards the end. lol


Very nice ... soundtrack. IN beggining, it was like fine space, than - the beeping voice, not good. Than its just strange. But good work, it has the sparkle.

Aresdev responds:

Listen to Spaceflight SS01 and then this again. What I am going for is an ambient, VG style soundtrack that tells a story. That wasn't a beeping voice, sirens, then intercom. I appreciate the honesty!

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